The Book of Imaginary Beings

Jorge Luis Borges. Vintage Publishing. (176p) ISBN 9780099442639
The Book of Imaginary Beings
The Book of Imaginary Beings

In 2018 (and still continuing now) I had set myself a challenge to read more books that were seen as classics (or by authors who are seen as authors to read) and more books that had been translated into English.

The Book of Imaginary Beings fits nicely into both categories.

Ostensibly a short survey of mythical and imaginary beings from around the world, collected by Borges and then revised, enlarged and translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni in collaboration with Borges, this becomes much more when enlivened by Borges prose.

Beautifully descriptive and humorous, Borges weaves the tales into a cohesive whole in this modern bestiary.

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