Charlie Changes Into a Chicken^

Sam Copeland. Penguin. (288p) ISBN: 9780241346211

Charlie Changes Into a Chicken
Charlie Changes Into a Chicken
I was given a copy of Charlie Changes Into a Chicken by Puffin in exchange for a review, and it’s always a relief when you can give a positive review 😉

Charlie McGuffin is nine-years old and pretty ordinary, except for one thing. He changes into different creatures. Through the book we follow Charlie on his adventures and discoveries of how this happens and how he can stop it.

He is supported by his friends, Flora, Mohsen and Wogan. Who as they are Charlie’s friends believe him immediately. There is the problem of Dylan though, Charlie’s nemesis and all-round bully.

The writing is fun, and the book is filled with great, vibrant illustrations by Sarah Horne that compliments the text so well.

I will also never be able to look at a pigeon in the same way again, think Pepé le Pew and Monty Python.

The book explores childhood anxiety and how friends and family can be supportive through trusting and love.

A really enjoyable book, with so many layers to it.

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