Yasmin Khan. Bloomsbury. (256p) ISBN: 9781408883846

This is a first for me, a review of a cook book. And I have loads!

I usually just use them and forget I own them really, but this is a special book. I’ve used it so regularly now that several of the recipes are memorised and we still have dozens we want to try.

The most recent recipe we made was the spicy prawn and tomato stew, rich and deep with an almost sweet and sour taste, went really well with fruited couscous.

What makes this recipe books so special is that there are very, very few pencilled in notes to adapt the recipe. This is almost a miracle in cook books.

There are foolproof recipes for labneh, za’atar, flatbreads, and some absolutely stunning Semolina and rose water slices, I think we may have made about a third of the recipes so far because they work first time.

A couple of the recipes that we’re going to try next are the Spinach and feta parcels, and the Aubergine and feta kefte, both sound scrumptious.

Looking forward to making so many more recipes from Zaitoun in the future.

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