In the Mouth of the Wolf

Michael Morpurgo. HarperCollins. (160p) ISBN 9781405293402

In the Mouth of the Wolf
In the Mouth of the Wolf
I know it’s been a while since my words worked well in writing but it’s time to start putting my reviews out there once more.

I read In the Mouth of the Wolf about a month ago now and have been looking forward to it coming out so I could recommend it to more people.

This story follows the life of Michael Morpurgo’s uncle who died just before his 90th birthday. It follows his life throughout World War II, initially as a pacifist working on farms to supply food for the nation, but once his brother died he joined up and served throughout the war working with the French resistance.

The book looks at themes of war, pacifism, sacrifice, and love using succinct language and nice short sentences and though it is aimed at 6-12 age range it can be read by so many more than that.

A great read which really touched me.

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