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Jennifer Walker
Author Q&A

Jennifer Walker – Q&A

Today’s Q&A is with Jennifer Walker who’s second book, Finding Aloha has just been published on the 22nd of February by Finch Books. Why not read on and find more about Jennifer and her works. Contact details for Jennifer are: Twitter Facebook Tell me what inspired you to write your (debut) novel? My …

Gill Thompson
Author Q&A

Gill Thompson – Q&A

Gill Thompson is an English lecturer who completed an MA in Creative Writing at Chichester University. Her first novel, THE OCEANS BETWEEN US, tells the heart-breaking story of a mother and son separated by war and by continents, fighting their way back to each other. The first three chapters of THE OCEANS BETWEEN US were …

Open Water book cover
Book Review

Open Water

Caleb Azumah Nelson. Penguin Books. (160p) ISBN 9780241448786 A lyrical expression of a young man’s first true love complicated by being Black in London is way too simple a way of describing this beautifully written paean to the meaning of love, that glance across the room, that shiver up the spine. Most of us know …


Walking Away from the Tabletop

It’s been 40ish years. I’ve been involved with tabletop gaming since the early 80s, leaving the working class area where I was brought up and the only entertainment I had was football and boxing, I started hanging around with a group of middle-class college kids. and that’s where I discovered Rogue Trader and Dungeons and …

Body: The Photobook
Book Review

Body: The Photobook

Nathalie Herschdorfer. Thames & Hudson. (432p) ISBN 9780500296561 Lately I’ve been making an effort to revisit my passion for photography and art, including art history and have been building my library up once more. So when I saw that there were copies of Body available to read and review I jumped at the chance as …

Anna McQuinn
Author Q&A

Anna McQuinn – Q&A

Anna’s two most successful series, the Lulu books and the Zeki books are published in the UK by Alanna Max (though she has also been published by several other publishers) and can be found over on Twitter as @AnnaMMcQuinn. Now coming up to her eighth Lulu book, there is so much more to see in …

Stephen Cox
Author Q&A

Stephen Cox – Q&A

Stephen has his new book, ‘Our Child of Two Worlds’ (9781787471627), coming out at the end of March. This is the follow-up to ‘Our Child of the Stars’ a massively well-received debut novel set in the world of the Vietnam War and Woodstock, and absolutely nothing to do with the Beverly Hillbillies. What came first …