Rigatoni the Pasta Cat

Michael Rosen, illustrated Tony Ross. Andersen Press. (80p) ISBN 9781783448432

Rigatoni the Pasta Cat
Rigatoni the Pasta Cat
I received this at work from Andersen Press and am always happy to get a surprise Rosen/Ross book.

This didn’t disappoint!

Written in his usual warm and humorous tone, Michael tells us the tale of Rigatoni the Pasta Cat, who loooooooooooves his pasta (who doesn’t!) and his family know this and indulge his food choices.

But! and this is a big but, his family leave on holiday and the care of Rigatoni is left to a well-meaning, but not knowledgeable, friend who thinks that cat food is the thing that cats should eat… and from there the story unfolds.

This is all supported by the free and relaxed drawing style of Tony Ross showing the personalities of all involved, they are such a wonderful partnership.

A beautiful story of found family, friends thinking they are doing what’s best, and of course pasta, had a blast reading this for myself and to others.

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