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Dune Saga

After watching that brilliant trailer for Villeneuve’s adaptation of the Dune saga by Frank Herbert I felt that I should really read the whole saga

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Famished is the second book centred around food that I’ve read this month, though this one couldn’t be more different from the other, a tantalising

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Ministry of Pandemonium

From the moment he saw Mr. October in the graveyard, Ben Harvester’s life changed. Ministry of Pandemonium is the first in a series of supernatural

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I’m a huge fan of William Gibson (I’ve not got a collection of Neuromancer in different editions…) and am always waiting for his next book

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Follow the ragtag band of mechanicals as they search for Christopher, who has been abducted by someone who wants to discover his deepest secrets. Throughout

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The Beautiful Side of the Moon

First off before my ramble gets into overdrive I want to say that I read this book in one sitting, it actively forced me to

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Meddling Kids

Scooby Doo meets Cthulhu, with a smattering of Evil Dead. I had great hopes for Meddling Kids being a rollicking read with loads of adventure

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I was so late to the VOX party amongst my colleagues, and I have no idea why? It hits all the right targets for me