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Reviews vs. Ratings

There’s been a lot of discussion on Twitter lately on a lot of different things re. ARCs, positive reviews, book bloggers, and their intentions when […]

8th January 2023

A Madness of Angels

Kate Griffin. Little Brown. (496p) ISBN 9781841497334 I have several books I reread if I get into a bit of a rut and find myself […]

30th December 2021

Treacle Walker

Alan Garner. 4th Estate Books. (160p) ISBN 9780008477790 I preordered this the moment I heard that Alan Garner was releasing a new book, his take […]

18th November 2021

The Last Spell Breather

Julie Pike. Oxford University Press. (304p) ISBN 9780192771605 I picked The Last Spell Breather up in a pack of proofs from OUP Childrens that had […]

27th July 2021


Christina Dalcher. HarperCollins. (400p) ISBN 9780008300678 I was so late to the VOX party amongst my colleagues, and I have no idea why? It hits […]

25th July 2021

The Power

Naomi Alderman. Penguin Books. (352p) ISBN 9780670919963 Naomi Alderman’s novel ‘The Power’ is a well-deserved winner of the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction 2017. Naomi […]

24th July 2021

Witch for a Week

Kaye Umansky. Simon and Schuster. (192p) ISBN 9781471160905 Elsie is chosen to look after Magenta’s Witch Tower for a week whilst Magenta goes to see […]

24th July 2021