Month: May 2020

Book Review

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

I asked for a reading copy of this as I was intrigued by the cover art work, it looked so beautiful. I am also highly

Book Review

Norse Mythology

Another of those books that’s been adorning my shelves for many months, but Norse Mythology felt like another book for these times. I’ve read the

Book Review

Leonard and Hungry Paul

Amazingly I’ve had a copy of Leonard and Hungry Paul sat on my bookshelf for ages, I’ve always loved the premise of it, but for

Book Review

The Maker of Monsters

Another of a collection of books I was given by Oxford University Press Children for review, all of which have been great. We find ourselves


Lockdown Children’s LitFest

Today was my turn to be interviewed by Catherine Miller for Lockdown Children’s LitFest. Where I apologise for the lack of beard, lockdown just had

Book Review

Tilly and the Time Machine

Tilly lives with her father, mum died a while back and Tilly’s perfect day would be to see her mum again. Dad is a sort

Book Review

Embassy of the Dead

Embassy of the Dead is a story of a misunderstanding, but a misunderstanding that drags Jake Green into the Embassy of the Dead in a

Book Review

Cult Writers

After recently reading The Short Story of Film by Ian Haydn Smith this popped up for request on Netgalley so I jumped at the chance