Month: January 2021

An Open Book and Empty Cup

Iqbal Ahmed. Coldstream Publishers. (204p) ISBN 9781527253216 It was a delight to receive this gorgeous book and before I even started reading I was delighted […]

24th January 2021

The Year of the Hare

Arto Paasilinna. Peter Owen Publishers. (140p) ISBN 9780720612776 This has been languishing on my shelves ever since I started working in the bookshop. I bought […]

22nd January 2021

The Forager’s Calendar

John Wright. Profile Books. (400p) ISBN 9781781256220 I picked this up at one of our local shops in Barnard Castle, Oswell’s, as I always try […]

20th January 2021

Imperial Mud

James Boyce. Icon Books. (272p) ISBN 9781785787157 Living in North Yorkshire for about 20 years I had always heard strange stories about ‘The Fenmen’ from […]

19th January 2021

Rivers of London

Ben Aaronovitch. Orion Publishing. (432p) ISBN 9780575097582 I’ve been reading this series of books since they came out as I’ve always been a sucker for […]

18th January 2021

The Brilliant Abyss

Helen Scales. Bloomsbury. (352p) ISBN 9781472966865 Though my main reading genre at the moment is speculative fiction I really love reading well-written books on science […]

18th January 2021

The Swallowed Man

Edward Carey. Gallic Books. (176p) ISBN 9781913547035 Whilst on Furlough 1.0™ I kept seeing this bandied about Twitter and was fascinated by the concept, but […]

11th January 2021

Swords v Cthulhu

ed Carrie Vaughn. Pelgrane Press. (368p) ISBN 9781908983091 As a lover of both a good swashbuckle and the Cthulhu mythos I was immediately pulled to […]

4th January 2021