Month: March 2020

Music Reviews

David Ackles – American Gothic

I’d never listened to this album or artist before this playthrough. Really enjoyed this album it, a definite feel of Jacques Brel and Kurt Weill,

Book Review


I first heard Kerry talk at a Vintage Roadshow at Forum Books, Corbridge before Christmas, this didn’t put me off though 😉 and I was

Book Review

The Titanic Detective Agency

Though the story does come with a well-known ending, The Titanic Detective Agency explores the story of the Titanic from a different angle. This is

Book Review

The Short Story of Film

The Short History of Film is a brilliantly concise review of film and film theory that explains quite a lot I didn’t know about this

Book Review

Storm Hound

Storm of Odin, youngest hound in the Wild Hunt, finds himself in a spot of trouble after falling to earth. He is no longer a

Book Review

The Whispers

I received an advanced copy of this from Penguin and was so happy when it arrived. I had been hearing whispers (…) of this book

Book Review


I was so late to the VOX party amongst my colleagues, and I have no idea why? It hits all the right targets for me

Book Review

The Mystery of the Colour Thief

In The Mystery of the Colour Thief Izzy is beset by a lot of problems in this story, her mum is in a coma in