Month: April 2020

Invisible Cities

Italo Calvino. Vintage. (160p) ISBN 9780099429838 Another book in my classics reading exercise, amazingly enough a lot of the books I’ve read whilst doing this […]

28th April 2020

Ghost Boys

Jewell Parker Rhodes. Hachette. (224p) ISBN 9781510104396 Ghost Boys is another book I read a while back and am just getting around to reviewing. Jerome […]

27th April 2020


Sara Pennypacker. HarperCollins. (288p) ISBN 9780008158286 I will make this clear right from the start. Pax had me in tears at several points, the whole […]

25th April 2020

What is Poetry?

Michael Rosen. Walker Books. (208p) ISBN 9781844287635 Let’s just get it out of the way at the start – I love Michael Rosen. There I […]

23rd April 2020

Beetle Queen

M.G. Leonard. Chicken House. (352p) ISBN 9781910002773 Continuing the adventures of Darkus, Victoria and Bertolt, ‘Beetle Queen’ is another wonderfully crafted book. Written by M.G. […]

22nd April 2020

The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas. Walker Books. (464p) ISBN 9781406372151 What can you say about a book that has won so many awards, been featured in so many […]

21st April 2020

The Bone Sparrow

Zana Fraillon. Hachette. (240p) ISBN 9781510101555 The story of Subhi, a Rohingya boy born in an Australian immigration detention centre, Subhi knows no other life […]

19th April 2020

The Paninis of Pompeii

Andy Stanton. HarperCollins. (176p) ISBN 9781405293853 My nephew and I are such great fans of Mr Gum and Andy Stanton and when he found out […]

19th April 2020