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The Luminaries

Susan Dennard. Daphne Press. (288p) ISBN 9781837840007 Another book I received from NetGalley at the end of last year, thinking I’d dip my toe back […]

21st January 2023


Hannah Kaner. HarperCollins. (304p) ISBN 9780008521462 I’d been put off fantasy for quite a while now as the stories seemed to use all the same […]

18th January 2023

The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

Phil Hicks, Keith Robinson. Usborne Publishing, (256p) ISBN 9781474972154 I absolutely loved The Haunting of Aveline Jones and had to get this as soon as […]

18th June 2022

The Time of Green Magic

Hilary McKay. Pan Macmillan. (224p) ISBN 9781529019247 I was really lucky to get a proof copy of The Time of Green Magic from Macmillan as […]

27th July 2021

The Last Spell Breather

Julie Pike. Oxford University Press. (304p) ISBN 9780192771605 I picked The Last Spell Breather up in a pack of proofs from OUP Childrens that had […]

27th July 2021

Witch for a Week

Kaye Umansky. Simon and Schuster. (192p) ISBN 9781471160905 Elsie is chosen to look after Magenta’s Witch Tower for a week whilst Magenta goes to see […]

24th July 2021

A Pinch of Magic

Michelle Harrison. Simon & Schuster. (368p) ISBN 9781471124297 Set on the island of Crowstone, Betty Widdershins finds out that the women of her family have […]

23rd July 2021

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

Kieran Larwood. Faber & Faber. (288p) ISBN 9780571340200 It’s a bit cliched and I don’t often say it, so here goes. The Legend of Podkin […]

22nd July 2021