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Jo Clement. Bloodaxe Books. (80p) ISBN 9781780376141 I saw this when it came into the shop and loved the photograph on the cover by Tim […]

4th March 2023

Ana Sampson – Q&A

Ana has been editing poetry anthologies since 2009, when I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud and Other Poems you Half-Remember from School was the third […]

9th December 2022


Yomi Ṣode. Penguin. (128p) ISBN 9780141998572 I was sent this out of the blue by some lovely marketer at Penguin Books and thank you whoever […]

7th August 2022

The Death of Francis Bacon

Max Porter. Faber & Faber. (80p) ISBN 9780571370702 That was a difficult read, with all the energy and style of a Francis Bacon painting, words […]

7th July 2022

Samantha Terrell – Q&A

Samantha L. Terrell, author of Vision, and Other Things We Hide From (Potter’s Grove Press); the chapbook Keeping Afloat (JC STUDIO Press); and, most recently, […]

6th May 2022

What is Poetry?

Michael Rosen. Walker Books. (208p) ISBN 9781844287635 Let’s just get it out of the way at the start – I love Michael Rosen. There I […]

23rd April 2020

Smashing It

ed Sabrina Mahfouz. The Westbourne Press. (240p) ISBN 9781908906403 Smashing It was brought from Norwich by my partner who bought it at The Book Hive […]

8th April 2020