20 Books of Summer 2024

I tried to do this once previously but found I kept getting distracted and didn’t quite get there in the end.

So I’ve decided to try this again and I’m using it as another stick/carrot to keep up to date with the ARCs from NetGalley that I’ve been given.

I’m going to pin this post so that you can see the progress throughout the three months from 1st June to 1st September.

This is the 10th year of the annual Summer challenge that originated with Cathy on 746 Books blog where you can find out more details of the challenge.

  1. to be revealed – finished will name when I can (02/06/24)
  2. Everything Is Fine (10/06/24)
  3. The Ministry of Time (15/06/24)
  4. Cursed Under London
  5. The Undermining of Twyle and Frank
  6. These Deathless Shores
  7. The Sky on Fire
  8. Shrouded Horror: Tales of the Uncanny
  9. The Bright Sword
  10. Heads Will Roll
  11. The Phoenix Keeper
  12. BRAT
  13. A Werewolf’s Guide to Seducing a Vampire
  14. Liars
  15. The Book of Forgotten Witches
  16. Gorse
  17. wild card
  18. wild card
  19. wild card
  20. wild card

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