Horace and Harriet: Take on the Town

Clare Elsom. Oxford University Press. (128p) ISBN 9780192758743

Horace and Harriet: Take on the Town

Horace and Harriet: Take on the Town

This is the start of a new series written and illustrated by Clare Elsom which follows the adventures of Horace and Harriet in various scenarios.

Horace and Harriet: Take on the Town is wonderfully illustrated in a fresh comic-style throughout, the pace of the adventure was spot on, with lots of humorous interactions between Harriet (who is definitely seven and a quarter and not a statue) and Lord Horatian Frederick Wellington Nincompoop Maximus Pimpleberry the Third who is definitely a statue and has got bored with his life of standing still.

Builds on themes of friendship, misunderstandings, patience, and trust, read this one to my nephew and he just loved it.

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