Big Foot and Little Foot

Ellen Potter. Abrams. (160p) ISBN 9781419731211

Big Foot and Little Foot
Big Foot and Little Foot
Big Foot and Little Foot is the story of Hugo and Boone, a story of friendship and adventure.

Hugo is a Sasquatch and Boone is a Human and the two were never meant to meet, fear of discovery keeping Sasquatch society hidden as they think that humans will either want to capture or kill them.

Hugo wants adventure and is bored of the restricted life of a young Sasquatch and he wants to see the world and one day he sees a human.

This is a fun story about how two societies see each other and overcoming fear to become friends.

The series looks like it is going to continue with the adventures of Big Foot and Little Foot in their search for other mythical creatures as Boone wants to be a cryptozoologist.

The illustrations by Felicita Sala are cute and match the story so well.

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