An Open Book and Empty Cup

Iqbal Ahmed. Coldstream Publishers. (204p) ISBN 9781527253216

An Open Book and Empty Cup
An Open Book and Empty Cup
It was a delight to receive this gorgeous book and before I even started reading I was delighted in the binding as it is so luxurious, the black with gold really catches the eye and the cloth binding makes it a pleasure to hold.

Once I started reading it though I could feel the passion that Iqbal had for London and and the Kashmir.

We are taken through London in small episodes and memories where we watch the city grow around Iqbal’s time in the city, but always we are drawn back to the Kashmir where comparisons are made with the memories and episodes we have just been told about.

Iqbal uses such descriptive and emotional language throughout the book you couldn’t help but feel his passion for both places, though his passion for the people that he meets whilst on his travels shines out even more.

This is an eloquent hymn of praise for London whilst acknowledging the realities of the city and its continuing developments, a cyclists perambulation of roads and times that had me hanging on every word from start to finish.

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