Neal Shusterman. Walker Books. (528p) ISBN 9781406379532

Now, it’s not unknown but it’s rare, very rare that I rate a sequel higher than the first book in a series, but I really loved Thunderhead, the sequel to Scythe by Neal Shusterman.

We follow on from the incidents in the first book and see where Rowan and City have got to since the dramatic ending in Scythe.

Rowan has continued his self-imposed quest and has broken more than one rule of Scythdom, but one of the most important is he dresses in black as a Reaper.

Citra is following the tenets of old-school Scythdom but with a twist which alienates some of the old-school, but could help develop the institution into one that bridges both.

But things couldn’t be that simple could they, and Neal throws a massive, massive twist in that was so unexpected but really spiced up the book, I did actually gasp at the reveal.

The development of Thunderhead throughout is also handled well, and with another result that wasn’t really expected.

Another cracking book set in a well-thought out dystopian future.

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