Author: Stephen

Moving On

This is a post to explain what happened recently, what’s going on at the moment and where things may go in the future. Not going […]

13th May 2023

Mathreyi Kamoor – Q&A

Maithreyi Karnoor is a poet, award-winning translator, and recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow in creative writing and translation at Literature Across Frontiers, […]

5th May 2023

David Wragg – Q&A

David Wragg is the author of the Articles of Faith series (The Black Hawks and The Righteous) and the upcoming Tales of the Plains trilogy […]

28th April 2023

The Laugh

Fay Evans, illus. Ayse Klinge. Flying Eye Books. (32p) ISBN 9781838740825 I received this a while back for a review, but found with everything that […]

24th April 2023

Remington Blackstaff – Q&A

Remington Blackstaff was born in Nigeria and moved to the United Kingdom with his family at a young age. He was bitten by the martial […]

21st April 2023

Eileen Wharton – Q&A

Eileen Wharton is an Oscar winning actress, Olympic gymnast, and Influencer. She also tells lies for a living. Her first novel was published in 2011 […]

14th April 2023


Veronica Roth. Titan Books. (128p) ISBN 9781803363578 It had been a forever age since I’d read anything by Sophocles, 40 years maybe. So when I […]

8th April 2023

We Are Here

Kate Rafiq. Dune Books. (36p) ISBN 9781838346133 Kate has kindly let me have a sneak read of “We Are Here” due to be published by […]

8th April 2023

Chrissie Sains – Q&A

Chrissie Sains grew up in Billericay, Essex, where she spent her childhood seeking adventure and finding trouble. Described by her teachers as having a “lively […]

7th April 2023