The Bewitching of Aveline Jones
18th June 2022

The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

By Stephen
Phil Hicks, Keith Robinson. Usborne Publishing, (256p) ISBN 9781474972154

The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

I absolutely loved The Haunting of Aveline Jones and had to get this as soon as I’d finished that, and I had read this pretty much straight away, and then forgot to write my review…

The hardship was that I had to suffer reading it once more to remind me of what went on, oh the hardship.

In this adventure Aveline is thrilled find herself in a cottage that’s right beside a stone circle, absolutely right up her street. As Aveline explores she meets another young girl who she starts to see more and more of, but who feels strange but so familiar as well.

But nothing is at it seems.

Harold, Mr Lieberman, and Aunt Lilian join them in their holiday cottage, and with Harold’s help and the books he brought from the bookshop they start to unravel the mystery, though this isn’t without its trials and tribulations.

Will they get to the truth in time? I had a great time finding out!

Quirky vicars, strange bottles, standing stones, and secrets from the past entwine in another wonderful story from Phil Hickes beautifully illustrated once more by Keith Robinson.

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