The Goldfish Boy
11th March 2020

The Goldfish Boy

By Stephen
Lisa Thompson. Scholastic. (400p) ISBN 9781407170992

The Goldfish Boy

The Goldfish Boy

Matthew is the last person to see Teddy before Teddy goes missing, can Matthew solve the mystery of the disappearance? Only one major difficulty stands in Matthew’s way to do this, Matthew has O.C.D. which makes it near impossible for him to leave his room and interact with people.

Lisa Thompson writes a compelling and thrilling mystery with great understanding and sympathy for Matthew whilst not writing a pathetic pastiche of a character.

The gradual unfolding of the two mysteries; the cause of Matthew’s O.C.D. and the disappearance of Teddy are intertwined and open at a pace that keeps you glued to the book until your’e finished.

The cast of supporting characters are strong and well-fleshed out without pulling you down multiple rabbit-holes of back stories and motivations.

As a debut novel The Goldfish Boy is wonderfully written and makes me anticipate Lisa’s second novel.

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