Boy Underwater

Adam Baron. HarperCollins. (256p) ISBN: 9780008267018

Boy Underwater
Boy Underwater
Boy Underwater is the story of Cymbeline and his family, Cymbeline is nine-years old and his mother has avoided to teach him to swim in all those years.

Then due to a school trip to the swimming pool the past unfolds itself into the present causing all sorts of problems and heartache.

The exploration of mental health and the accidents that can cause this, along with keeping secrets are shown to be able to pull a family apart make Boy Underwater an important reading for these issues as it approached them honestly and doesn’t trivialise it.

I thought that Adam Baron’s expressive and bold use of fonts and words really helped get the idea of the story unfolding in a nine-year olds head, often bold and frantic the story unfolds at a pace that keeps you gripped until the end of the book.

Loved it!

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