Lara Maiklem. Bloomsbury. (336p) ISBN 9781408889237

I’ve always been fascinated by finding things on the shoreline whether they be old things discarded by humans, natural objects shaped by the sea, or evidence of past life in the form of fossils.

When the opportunity came along to get a copy of Mudlarking I jumped at it.

I’ve heard the name a lot over the last ten or so years and knew in essence what it was but it was lovely to read someones development as a mudlarker, from the early discoveries to where she is now, juggling this passion with family.

The mix of current biography with historical research is absolutely compelling, linking these found objects to their past and personalising the stories of their production and loss made me want to learn more about them (and take a large pair of wellies with me whenever I go to London).

The book is set out in chapters of exploration corresponding to sections of the tidal Thames, with a few stories of discoveries and biography in each section. This is well-paced and the writing is warm and personal making you involved in Lara’s discoveries and growth.

The illustrations from Johnny Mudlark one the cover are absolutely fascinating and I would love to see more.

An excellent book, teasing and open at the same time, all about hidden treasure that fascinates us all.

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