The Whispers

Greg Howard. Penguin Random House. (256p) ISBN 9780241367087

The Whispers
The Whispers
I received an advanced copy of this from Penguin and was so happy when it arrived.

I had been hearing whispers (…) of this book on Book Twitter for a while and wanted to see for myself what it was about.

We follow Riley James through what at first seems like a sci-fi/fantasy story with old mysteries of the local wood hanging heavily over everything.

As we go through the story we find that Riley’s mum is missing and he will do anything to find her, including giving a tribute to the mysterious creatures who live in the woods.

We also explore Riley’s sexuality and this is done in a gentle way, gradually being introduced as a ‘condition’ that God despises.

A wonderful book full of surprises, twists and turns. Exploring loss, wonder, belief, homosexuality in rural USA, and grief.

There was many a time I was in tears but just couldn’t look away from The Whispers.

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