The Maker of Monsters

Lorraine Gregory. Oxford University Press. (256p) ISBN: 9780192768834

The Maker of Monsters
The Maker of Monsters
Another of a collection of books I was given by Oxford University Press Children for review, all of which have been great.

We find ourselves in a world ravaged my magical wars where to live outside the City is meant to be a death sentence.

However Brat and his master do, his master is consumed by the thought of revenge for a perceived slight from the ruler of the City and is using necromancy to build an army of monsters.

Brat has to save the world from these monsters once they are unleashed.

A great adventure full of peril and necromancy, did I mention necromancy, and sewn together beasts, some of them are even Brat’s best friends.

The books themes are of trust, family, friendship, fear of outsiders/others, but most of all bravery and sacrifice.

Loved The Maker of Monsters and consumed it in a day!

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