The Ice Sea Pirates

Frida Nilsson. Gecko Press. (368p) ISBN: 9781776572007
The Ice Sea Pirates
The Ice Sea Pirates

The Ice Sea Pirates is set in a frozen North, not unlike the North of our world, in Siri’s North though there are Pirates, Mermaids and more.

Frida Nilsson’s book follows Siri in her quest to rescue her little sister, Miki, who has been abducted by the notorious Captain Whitehead to work down his diamond mine, just like all the other little children Whitehead has abducted in the past.

Along the way Siri encounters wolves, mean people and kind people, but kindest of all is Frederik who makes Siri believe she can achieve what she has set out to do.

There are some beautifully crafted scenes throughout the book, making the world come alive as a cohesive place that works together well.

The adventure cracks along at a good pace, often looking at the behaviour of humans and making them come up short, but Siri must always hope, and it is this hope and love that wins in the end.

Cracking book by Frida Nilsson and Gecko Press!

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