Ministry of Pandemonium

Chris Westwood. Francis Lincoln Publishers. (384p) ISBN 9781847801906

Ministry of Pandemonium
Ministry of Pandemonium
From the moment he saw Mr. October in the graveyard, Ben Harvester’s life changed.

Ministry of Pandemonium is the first in a series of supernatural YA books by Chris Westwood, exploring the hidden side of London, the supernatural ‘behind the curtain’ type of story that I love. The stories that explains things that work behind the world that we all see on a daily basis.

Mr. October is part of the Ministry which guides dead souls to the afterlife, and thankfully never really states which, and he recruits Ben to become part of that as he has abilities that means he can see the dead.

This isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds as there are a group that once were part of the Ministry who lead the souls astray for their own nefarious ends and aren’t happy that Ben has joined with Mr. October.

Was on the edge of my seat quite a few times listening to this, some great adventure, some really creepy baddies, some great action. At the heart of the story though is a great story about family that weaves its way through all the supernatural thrills.

Will be looking out for book 2, really enjoyed this.

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