Meddling Kids
Edgar Cantero. Titan Books. (322p) ISBN 9781785658761

Meddling Kids
Meddling Kids
Scooby Doo meets Cthulhu, with a smattering of Evil Dead.

I had great hopes for Meddling Kids being a rollicking read with loads of adventure an chthonic mysteries, and do you know what? It delivered!

Ancient evils, intelligent dogs, creepy old people, friendly local sheriff, First Nation character, and reformed Jock, it had it all and a wee bit of Ken Kesey.

The pace was fast, but not so fast you couldn’t enjoy the witty dialogue, script sections and ghostly asides.

The characters were well-fleshed out (all apart from Peter that is), and Tim the Weimaraner was a nice touch.

The homage to various types of fiction was gentle, though very obvious at one point (Zoinx River) and made for a cracking good read.

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