One Day All This Will Be Yours

Adrian Tchaikovsky. Rebellion. (144p) ISBN 9781781088746
One Day All This Will Be Yours
One Day All This Will Be Yours

I’ve never read anything by Adrian Tchaikovsky before even though I had seen his work around a lot, and that he has won loads of awards. I kept telling myself there would be plenty of time to do so but never got round to it.

When I saw this on NetGalley I jumped at the chance to read it.

There’s been a time war and it’s shattered causality and the narrator is the last survivor of it, he’s made sure of that.

A story of a misanthrope and his pet Allosaurus, Miffly, at the end of time, an end of time that he has engineered specifically to stop any other time travellers from messing up the rest of time which is empty of humans.

Then there’s a really annoying twist where something shouldn’t have happened but due to the nature of time travel and such does.

Darkly humorous in all the right places this cracks along at a great speed and kept me enthralled all the way through, especially good use of time travel and paradoxes to create a convincing world(s)/times.

Will definitely expanding my library of Adrian’s books now.

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