A Madness of Angels

Kate Griffin. Little Brown. (496p) ISBN: 9781841497334
A Madness of Angels
A Madness of Angels

I have several books I reread if I get into a bit of a rut and find myself unable to read, A Madness of Angels is one of them.

Familiarity is one of the main reasons, but this is such a great example of urban fantasy with a great original premise that it still grabs me and excites me after all this time (2009).

We are introduced to a world where sorcerers and other magic users tap into the magic around them in the urban environment, a world of litterbugs, neon demons, personifications of an idea, and hunger…

Matthew Swift was killed two years ago and is out for vengeance, maybe even justice. And he has very powerful friends/symbiotes/angels to help him achieve this.

A fast-paced urban fantasy which has a great twist on the genre. This first book is a brilliant setup for the rest of the series but doesn’t feel like just pure world building and exposition.

It develops the magic of the world perfectly, showing various different factions, various powers, and hints at so much more.

Some brilliant set pieces including a pit fit, dragons, aluminium fairies, Jeremy the Troll, and so much more make this one of my favourite re-reads.

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