Rereading Rivers of London

Rivers of London
Rivers of London
With Ben Aaronovitch’s latest entry into the world of Peter Grant just released I thought it would be a good time to reread the whole series in chronological order (including short stories, graphic novels, and audiobook.)

By the time I’ve read all of these again hopefully the paperback edition of ‘Amongst Our Weapons’ will have been released as I have to have matching books.

This will also give me palette cleansers in-between reading for the HWA Gold Crown awards this year.

I think it’s obvious but the blue tick means I’ve reread them, I will eventually get a review for each one of them on the site as well.

This is the order:

  1. Moment One: London September 1966 – Tales from the Folly
  2. Action at a Distance – Graphic Novel
  3. Rivers of London
  4. The Home Crowd Advantage – Tales from the Folly
  5. Moment Three: Tobias Winter – Meckenheim 2012 – Tales from the Folly
  6. Moon Over Soho
  7. The Domestic – Tales from the Folly
  8. Whispers Under Ground
  9. The Cockpit – Tales from the Folly
  10. Broken Homes
  11. Body Work – Graphic Novel
  12. Foxglove Summer
  13. What Abigail Did That Summer
  14. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Granny – Tales from the Folly
  15. Night Witch – Graphic Novel
  16. Black Mould – Graphic Novel
  17. King of the Rats – Tales from the Folly
  18. The Furthest Station
  19. Detective Stories – Graphic Novel
  20. Moment Two: Reynolds – Florence, Az. 2014 – Tales from the Folly
  21. Cry Fox – Graphic Novel
  22. Water Weed – Graphic Novel
  23. The Hanging Tree
  24. A Rare Book of Cunning Device – audiobook
  25. The October Man
  26. Favourite Uncle – Tales from the Folly
  27. Lies Sleeping
  28. Three Rivers, Two Husbands and a Baby – Tales from the Folly
  29. The Fey and the Furious – Graphic Novel
  30. Monday, Monday – Graphic Novel
  31. False Value
  32. Vanessa Sommer’s Other Christmas List – Tales from the Folly
  33. Amongst Our Weapons

  34. Bottom Ko-Fi

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