Not Now, Noor!

Farhana Islam, illus. Nabila Adani. Puffin. (32p) ISBN: 9780241552476

Not Now, Noor!
Not Now, Noor!
A fun story about an extremely curious young girl and her family and how persistent she can be to get an answer to her questions.

I was sent this after seeing it available for a review copy and was really pleased, loved the bright and fresh illustrations by Nabila Adani which match the book perfectly and give it such an active and bright feel.

Noor is extremely curious about the hijabi in her life and wants to know why they wear a hijab? She has lots of theories why and tells them to the people she is asking the question of, but they all tell her ‘Not Now Noor!’, though they never deny her theories 😉

She talks to all the women in her immediate family until she gets to her mum who answers her question.

Beautifully paced and a great story for young ones to find out about themselves or others.

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