Drawn to Change the World

Emma Reynolds, Ann Maulina, Natasha Donovan, Teo DuVall, Devon Holzwarth, Erin Hunting, Margarita Kukhtina, Victoria Maderna & Federico Piatti, Shivana Sookdeo. HarperCollins. (208p) ISBN: 9780063084216

Draw to Change the World
Draw to Change the World
I received a copy of this early from Emma and NetGalley to have a look and give an honest review. This excellent book is being released on the 12th of September.

This book brings together the stories of sixteen young climate activists and tells their story through the use of short illustrated passages, each passage is worked on by a different artist in their own style.

The book emphasises that it is indigenous people and other marginalised people who will face the brunt of the disasters that the climate emergency will bring about and the majority of the youth written about in the book are from those communities.

The message is strong and consistent throughout and shows the draconian obstacles that are met at every turn by these activists, whether it is in a country that already arrests and cracks down on its population or in countries that are passing laws that make protest and activism harder and harder.

The artists that have been used to support this message show a wide range of styles and each one is brilliantly done.

At the start and end of the book there are information sections talking about the science and on what you can do as an individual to make a stand about the climate emergency.

A fascinating look at the inspirations and lives of young people who had no choice but to stand up and speak out.

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