The Golden Mole

Katherine Rundell, Talya Baldwin. Faber & Faber. (208p) ISBN: 9780571362509

The Golden Mole
The Golden Mole
I’d had my eye on this since it came out in hardback, it looked lovely and really fascinating.

This is the soon to be released paperback, and it still has all the lovely illustrations by Talya Baldwin.

What Katherine Rundell sets out to achieve here is a small, yet important, survey of some of the world’s varied fauna. Impossible to do many she chooses quite a wide variety to show how different types share a common problem.

Each chapter stands alone in describing a species or family of animals, some of their behaviour, some of the variety within the family, ways they’ve interacted with humans, and some stark facts about vulnerability.

Whilst doing this she emphasises the natural catastrophe that has been visited on the living world at the hands of humanity, the loss of species and numbers of individuals within those species is astounding. But unfortunately still accelerating.

She does end on words of hope and action, emphasising informed hope is the best way forward and our actions are important.

A brilliant read written in clear yet informative language makes this a very accessible read and the self-contained structure of each chapter means it’s the perfect bedtime read, though I did consume it in a day as I was so engrossed.

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