Hannah Kaner. Harper Voyager. (400p) ISBN: 9780008521516

Thank you Hannah and everyone at Harper Voyager for getting me an advance copy of my most anticipated read of 2024 to me early. Especially after the cliffhanger that Godkiller ended on.

First day had me shouting that good old D&D chestnut. “Don’t split the party!” First day reading also had me almost forget to eat my lunch on my break as I really wanted to see where everything was going.

We continue to follow the fates of Kissen, Elogast, Inara, and Skedi as they go their own ways and seek their own answers.

Each chapter follows the action from the viewpoint of one of the main characters as they follow their own routes to redemption and revenge.

Without giving too much away we find out more about Inara and her relationship with Skedi and other gods. Kissen also becomes too closely involved with gods for her own comfort, and Elo is after revenge for the heart that was used and broken.

We also find out more about the overarching ambitions of some of the bigger players in the world and come across another like Inara, but far more in control of themselves and their powers whilst Inara is still getting to grip with hers throughout this book.

We return to some of the other characters and places of Godkiller, whilst also exploring new places and characters some of which are bound to be highly important in book 3…

Talking about book 3 I really didn’t want to finish this as I know it will be a while before the conclusion to the series is released but the twist at the end was well worth it.

If you’ve not read Godkiller yet hurry up and do so as Sunbringer is out in February.

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