American Gods

Neil Gaiman. Headline Publishing Group. (736p) ISBN: 9780755322817
American Gods
American Gods

An American road trip with a difference, new gods meet old gods to fight it out for supremacy and Shadow is at the centre of it all.

From the first chapter I was entranced at Neil Gaiman’s imagination and writing. Together they developed a story that was at the same time both real and mythical, weaving mythology through the land of America.

Neil’s storytelling was at the fore once more, with me unsure of Shadow’s back story until the reveal, swinging from one theory to the next, and I really didn’t see that one coming.

Strong character’s throughout supported the story going forward and not one was used without thought and reference to something else in the story, again weaving complexity throughout but leaving nothing loose at the end.

I read this as the TV series was coming out soon, but now I’m unsure if I want to watch the TV adaptation, Neil’s world as he described it has no match.

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