Jayben and the Golden Torch

Thomas Leeds. Hachette Children’s Group. (288p) ISBN: 9781444968637

Jayben and the Golden Torch
Jayben and the Golden Torch
Another that I fancied the brief description on NetGalley and glad I persevered through a bout of brain fog to finish.

This sees Ben/Jayben switching between Earth World and Elf World and discovering that he is the ninth and final Dreamer, and he has a great destiny to fulfil to set the balance of the worlds right once again, but in the Elf World he has no memories of who he is or what he has to do.

Worse still there is a fake Dreamer who is after him and his power, throw in an acid-spitting witch who can duplicate things, agents who can see his purple aura, and an array of fantastical creatures out to stop him you can see how this might be a wee bit difficult.

Jayben though is not alone and gathers a group of friends, all with different skills and from different elf clans and not only does he discover his own inner strength but the strength of friendship and trust.

Loved the world building and strange creatures that inhabit the world and was kept on edge throughout the book as to what was going to happen next, laugh out loud at times and really sad at others.

It was also a warm and honest look at a child who has seizures and how they felt and how they made him feel and I’m sure this will be developed further in the next book. The best part of this is that it didn’t feel tacked on and felt as though it was part of the main theme of memory and what we all take for granted and how that would feel if taken away.

Overall a great magical adventure with great potential.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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