Around the World in 80 Trees

Jonathan Drori. Laurence King Publishing. (240p) ISBN 9781786276063

Around the World in 80 Trees
Around the World in 80 Trees
I was so privileged to receive a reading copy of Around the World in 80 Trees from Laurence King Publishing, and it even came with a beautiful poster.

Everything else I was reading had to be put on hold until I had finished this, though I could have dipped in and out of it as the book is written in episode like chapters following the author around the world. Each chapter describes a different tree and has such brilliant illustrations by Lucille Clerc.

Each chapter explores the historical and cultural aspects of each tree, even going into local mythology concerning the tree, clearly explaining its roles and how it is being impacted by climate change, the trees interactions with humans is always at the forefront, showing the uses that it has been put to and how it was viewed by the indigenous people.

I absolutely loved this book, the episodic nature, the writing that shows an obvious love of trees and nature, the stunning illustrations all add up to one of the best nature books I’ve read for a very long time and means that this book will be a keeper on my shelf.

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