Gina Kaminsky Saves the Wolf

Craig Barr-Green, Francis Martin. Little Tiger. (36p) ISBN: 9781801045001
Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf
Gina Kaminski Saves the Wolf

A great story about a young girl who doesn’t like the outcome of Little Red Riding Hood and knows she can change the outcome which she is sure is so wrong.

Gina Kaminski is in school and is not having a great morning which she shows by the symbols on her emotions chart.

She is then given time in a quiet space where she can choose between a couple of books (😟 to choosing).

She quickly realises that the outcome is a mistake as the main character of the story made a few mistakes and travels to sort those mistakes out.

A fun adventure with great representation of a child on the autistic spectrum.

Craig’s story is supported with great expressive illustrations from Francis Martin.

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