Beetle Boy

M.G. Leonard. Chicken House. (336p) ISBN 9781910002704

Beetle Boy
Beetle Boy
In Beetle Boy we follow the adventures of Darkus and his friends, Virginia and Bertolt, as they search for his dad who has gone missing from a locked room in the Natural History Museum.

They are joined along the way by Darkus’ Uncle Max and some even more amazing friends, that help in the fight against the evil Lucretia Cutter, (mad? evil?)scientist and fashion designer.

The story is fast paced and exciting, lightened every now and again with touches of humour, especially from the cousins, Pickering and Humphrey, evil and stupid in equal measures.

M.G. Leonard exhibits a real knowledge and love of beetles throughout the book which is peppered with great facts and bits of information.

This is part of a trilogy that includes ‘Beetle Queen’ and the upcoming ‘The Battle of the Beetles’.

The physical book is another beautiful object from Chicken House Publishing and the special edition has beetles on the fore edge (as has the special edition of ‘Beetle Queen’).

This was a well-deserved addition to the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2017 shortlist and is another book that though it is aimed at the Middle Grade reading groups I would highly recommend to everyone to read as it is so well written.

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