The Wolf and the Watchman

Niklas Natt och Dag. John Murray Press. (416p) ISBN 9781473682146

The Wolf and the Watchman

The Wolf and the Watchman

The Wolf and the Watchman was one of my favourite books of 2019.

As I’ve probably gone on at length somewhere else, I’m not a thriller/mystery reader by nature, but this is such a wonderfully engrossing and descriptive novel of 19th century Stockholm I was dragged into this at breakneck speed and read it over a two day period.

We follow the paths of various characters through the streets and courts of a shady city to find the killer and reasons behind the torso that was found by Mickel Cardell. He teams up with a thoroughly logical Cecil Winge who is dying from consumption.

Will they get to the conclusion of this case before either of them dies?

Intriguing and beguiling at the same time, Niklas Natt ohh Dag weaves a descriptive tale that kept me thoroughly hooked.

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