Sonny and Me

Ross Sayers. Cranachan Publishing. (300p) ISBN 9781911279464

Sonny and Me
Sonny and Me
I was given a copy of Sonny and Me from a friend at Cranachan Publishing as part of the blog tour, the first YA novel for this small Scottish publishing house.

Right from the start the two main characters, Sonny and Daughter, have such a distinctive voice I actually forgot I was reading a book at times. I raced through this book it was such a delight.

Written in a clear Scottish dialect, it really made me feel like I was back at school with my best friend, Socket. We were Socket and Lurch. The patter, attitude and behaviours were very similar to what I remember but made all the more real with the language we used at school as well.

The plot is so well threaded that there is rarely a time when I lost what was going on with the staff and other characters, lots of funny sections sharpened by the crime that is going on as well.

As for double English, we got out of it by helping with Drama.

Great YA mystery/comedy, well worth the read.

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