The Gift of Dark Hollow

Kieran Larwood. Faber & Faber. (320p) ISBN 9780571328420

The Gift of Dark Hollow
The Gift of Dark Hollow
The Gift of Dark Hollow is a wonderful follow-up to the first of the series, The Legend of Podkin One-Ear which was one of my favourite books of last year.

We follow the further adventures of Podkin, Paz and Pook in their fight against the Gorm.

In this book we follow them in their search for further Gifts from the Goddess and quake at the peril that this puts the little rabbits in once more.

Podkin continues to grow throughout the book, realising more about himself and taking on more responsibilities rather than berating life’s unfairness.

There is also a developing plot in the present of the bard which means we swap between the past and the present more than in the first book.

Illustrations by David Wyatt and Fernando Juarez really add to the book, giving it the feel of a good, old fashioned fantasy title with maps and everything.

Another great fantasy adventure in this series, really looking forward to book three later in the year.

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