Cult Writers

Ian Haydn Smith. Frances Lincoln Publishing. (144p) ISBN 9780711250642

Cult Writers
Cult Writers
After recently reading The Short Story of Film by Ian Haydn Smith this popped up for request on Netgalley so I jumped at the chance to read it.

Cult Writers: 50 Nonconformist Novelists You Need to Know continues with the short format biographical form and continues it well.

Here we read about fifty novelists who’ve built up a cult following and since they are cult writers you have heard of them, but the short snippets of information give a great pocket biography of the authors that though succinct is informative.

I’m really enjoying this format of group biography as it’s the perfect bedside book, dipping into a couple of chapters a night before falling asleep is great and has no pressure, though it can be misleading and you can get pulled into reading a lot as they are so fascinating.

Great artwork from Kristelle Rodeia complements the text so well.

Another great book from Ian Haydn Smith which has really added to my TBR.

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