Nature School

Lauren Giordano, Stephanie Hathaway, Laura Stroup. Quarry Books. (144p) ISBN: 9780760378359
Nature School
Nature School

As part of my blogging I’ve just joined NetGalley where I can get early access to books, after watching people go wild I thought I would just ask for on to begin with.

Nature School: Lessons and Activities to Inspire Children’s Love for Everything Wild is a wonderful book with a lot of content in it, beautifully illustrated, and I would say this is aimed at 9+ and doesn’t talk down to its audience.

The book explores five different biome types (Temperate Forests, Deserts, Seashores, Grasslands, Wetlands) taking you through the definitions of these types, explores differences within the biomes (e.g. different deserts), and the plants and animals that can be found in these places.

What is really good is the use of proper scientific terminology with really clear definitions and clarifications throughout, it means this is a real learning tool rather than just a pretty book about the world. Using proper terminology also makes the book a great stepping off point for further learning and research.

There are also 30 activities to encourage nature and science learning, all relatively low cost and look like they would be great fun.

A perfect book for a school library, science class, or just for all the family to learn more about nature.

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