Rewild Yourself

Simon Barnes. Simon & Schuster. (208p) ISBN 9781471175428

Rewild Yourself
Rewild Yourself
It was the cover of this book that drew me to it as all I wanted to do was spend some time at the side of the water.

Split into 23 accessible chapters, each focusing on a different change you can make to feel more within the wild that is always around us but that you haven’t noticed.

I love books that have small chapters as it’s a great bedside read, dipping in and out before you fall asleep. This is especially true of books on art and nature due to the positive feelings you get from them. The big problem with ‘Rewild Yourself’ was I was so spellbound by it I read it in a day.

From learning to identify a few butterflies to wearing waterproof trousers, each change is small, but taken as a whole could make a great difference to your appreciation of the plants and animals around you, it will also help make those #lockdown walks more interesting.

A well-written and well-argued collection of essays it will be a great reference to return to when I want to learn a new spell beyond the ones I’m already doing.

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