The Harrowing

Kristen Kiesling, Rye Hickman. ABRAMS Kids. (240p) ISBN: 9781419760846
The Harrowing
The Harrowing

Another graphic novel to add to the several I’ve read already this year, and another cracker.

Harrowing, is something that is really upsetting, and the Harrows are struck with unsettling visions when they touch people who will, some time in the future, commit murder.

We find out that Rowan’s mother was a Harrow and that the headaches and visions Rowan gets means she will also be a Harrow.

but nothing is that simple, Rowan’s mother left when she became pregnant and is murdered when rowan is young, there are mysterious things afoot at Rosewood but will Rowan find out before it is all too late?

Absolutely loved the story telling in this book, along with the artwork it strikes a balanced narrative and exciting vision throughout.

The revelations when they come are excellent, thrown off track a couple of times by a couple of solid red herrings, one revelation was expected but another was so unexpected but was right for the story!

Great read and great conclusion, leaving the world open for further exploration.

Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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