Elizabeth & Zenobia

Jessica Miller. Faber & Faber. (240p) ISBN: 9780571335732

Elizabeth & Zenobia
Elizabeth & Zenobia
It’s actually been a while since I read Elizabeth and Zenobia and it still stands strong in my mind.

A wonderful mystery with imaginary (?) friends, loss, obsession and certain Victorian sensibilities.

Elizabeth moves to a big house in the countryside with forbidden areas and strange happenings, her father is distant but her imaginary friend Zenobia is intrigued by the happenings in the house (well for most of the time if she doesn’t get bored that is).

Elizabeth and Zenobia have to solve the mystery of the house to save another and themselves.

There is a lot of creepy humour and adventure throughout the book, I love Witheringe House. The intrigue interwoven with their father’s past and his plant obsession is fascinating, and the friendship between Elizabeth and Zenobia is wonderfully portrayed.

Quite looking forward to The Republic of Birds which comes out this October.

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