Dragon Mountain

Katie & Kevin Tsang. Simon & Schuster Ltd. (336p) ISBN: 9781471193071

Dragon Mountain
Dragon Mountain
I’ve loved Katie and Kevin’s Sam Wu series and was really looking forward to reading their foray into the fabulous Realm of Middle Grade and I wasn’t disappointed.

A fabulously fast-paced adventure including dragons, super powers, friendship, and an ancient evil, Dragon Mountain has it all!

I was gripped from the start when the main character Billy was introduced along with the rest of the main cast Charlotte, Dylan, Ling-fei, and ‘Old Gold’. It follows their adventures into the Dragon Realm to save us all from the Dragon of Death and the nox-wings.

There is a strong theme of cooperation and understanding others throughout the book, and having a group of main characters so that there is someone most readers can relate to (Dylan) is important.

Dragon Mountain has done a great job setting the series up, great heroes, dastardly villains, and a series of worlds to explore make me really want to read the follow up, Dragon Legend, now.

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